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Carbon Fork

steowensteowen Posts: 59
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After an accident in October, and the news my mate's carbon steerer catastrophically failed on him at speed whilst in the middle of a busy high street, I've decided I should replace my carbon forks (4 year old, 12,000 miles Reynolds Ouzo Pro's).

Question is, what would you recommend as a replacement? Obviously my budget is for a like for like replacement and I mainly use the bike for fast group rides with the (very) occasional road race, therefore I err on the side of comfort over stiffness.

Are the Ouzo Pro's still my best bet?

Thanks everyone.
All that glitters is probably glass


  • Ouzo pros are decent forks but you should consider the alpha Q GS10 i have them on my best bike and i think they're excellent - a good balance between stiffness, comfort & weight.
  • steowensteowen Posts: 59
    Thanks Mike, I must admit though, I much prefer curved forks to the straight bladed variety Alpha Q seem to do. Might be all in the mind but they do tend to feel less harsh.

    Someone at work suggested the Easton EC90 SL's anyone used them?
    All that glitters is probably glass
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