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best hybrid £300 to £350?

Courage MonsieurCourage Monsieur Posts: 534
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I know this is the roadies hangout but this didn't seem to fit in MTB. :)

My brother is looking to strengthen his legs following a few months on crutches and wants to buy his 1st bike in 15+ years.

Budget is £300 to £350 or so.

Hybrid. More road oriented on the wheels and tyres. Will need a triple / compact chainset.

Used for weekend excursions of 20 miles or so initially.

Guess Spesh Cirrus and Ridgeback are solid choices. What about the Focus Arriba?

Any pointers much appreciated.




  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    Marin, Scott, Trek, all do hybrids so have a search

    some are more upright than others, some more roadie - eg. the Scott and Ridgebacks are almost simply flat-bar road bikes.

    The Sirrus range are solid.

    Check out ebay etc. for s/hand deals - there are some good ones as newcomers often buy hybrids, ride for a month, then flog them on. I bought a mint s/hand Sirrus for the wife for less than half RRP price.
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  • Cheers Maddog

    He went for the Focus Arriba in the end. Q a road-oriented machine apparently.

    He didn't listen to his big bro and get a Sirrus! But I also pointed him to the Focus.
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