Problem Knee Pain - Iliotibial Band?

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I have just started training this year and have had two weekends marred by knee pain on the outer edge of the left knee. Reading up on this it appears to be illiotibial band syndrome caused my maybe overstraining during cycling (basically overtraining).

Has anyone any good exercises to sort this out before next weekend?


  • I have a similar problem, except my knees are f**ked, period.

    Do you do alot of stretching, hamstrings, calfs etc....

    Make sure your legs are nice and warm before getting on the bike and take it easy to at least 10 minutes.

    It may not stop the problem, but it sure helps!
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    Do some more internet searching. There are plenty of sites with good advice on getting over IBS. I had it bad a couple of years ago when mixing jogging with cycling, so bad my knee swelled up to twice its size. I thought I'd fractured a bone. It was so painful I went to A&E!

    Anti-inflamatory painkillers are the short fix, but better still at the first signs put RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) into practice. You have to stop training for a few days/weeks depending on the severity.

    Mid term you need to start specific stretching exercises. These are on the IBS-related sites mentioned above. The good news is you will recover 100% and with the right care it shouldn't bother you again.

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    i used to get this running. Strapping helped a lot. My physio was a big advocate of fish oil supplements, but not the rubbish ones you get from Holland and Barrett
  • go see a physio aand get a PROPER diagnosis.

    You cannot get sense without an expert to look at you. If it is ITB it is NOT the end of the world. you will be shown some stretches to help.

    AFTER seeing a physio get yourself measured and setup by your local specialist using Bikefitting or BioRacer systems
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    Just found this thread. I suffer with a fair bit of knee pain and this advice is very reassuring. My GP said that he thought I might have damaged a cartilege, but after a couple of weeks rest he thinks it may be ligament trouble. I thought I might be on the verge of having to sell my Langster. I will look at the recommended websites on stretching and will use my geared folder a bit more as a temporary measure.
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    Go see a physio!
    I had what I later learned was IBS earlier this year (running) and I tried stretching etc. It didn't work.
    I went to a physio 3 times and he basically stretched out my ITBs (the massage is really painfull, my legs hurt for a couple of days after the first one). It still took a few weeks to recover fully but fortunately I was not in a hurry and now I am OK. The physio also showed me how to stretch the ITBs properly.
    A physio is well worth the money and a good one will know much more about sports injuries than e.g. a GP.