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Why editors need to be alert!

magibobmagibob Posts: 203
edited January 2008 in The bottom bracket
I think the guy who wrote the following article, maybe let more of his own views be known than he intended.

Below is the article as it appeared on the website of the Mallorca Daily Bulletin Newspaper yesterday afternoon. It's about David Cameron's verbal attacks on Gordon Brown. Note the headline.


My view is this.

I think that as he started to write it, He couldn't think of an appropriate heading, and just gave it a working title, no doubt meaning to change it later. Then he forgot, and the editor was asleep at the wheel when the article was sent in.


Here is the article as it appeared in the morning edition of the paper. Note the headline! :D:D:D:D:D



Andy :D


  • Harry BHarry B Posts: 1,239
    There was an article in this mornings free rag that you get on the underground which was about Ian Huntley's ex girlfriend. Apparently she's pregnant but they weren't sure "how pregnant she was" :roll:
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