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andy610andy610 Posts: 602
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i have done 2500 miles on my trek pilot i have just had my second service, and i needed a new large front chainring, rear cassette and new chain, iam due to take the bike back again in july for a full service including regreasing the bearings etc and tightening the headset, do most get this done by bike shop or do it themselfs. im thinking i should be maintaining it myself but find getting the gear cables and brake cables the right tautness is not easy also i want to fit my own chain and notice that split pins are not used anymore so when you buy a new chain are they always the correct length, and is the headset a tricky job to do also


  • GarybeeGarybee Posts: 815
    New chains arrive too long. You need to shorten them and then either join with a pin or use a special joining plate (KMC and SRAM both have their own versions). If you get a KMC or SRAM chain it is made much easier due to their use of these joining links.

    The headset on modern bikes is very easy, it literally just drops in, no pressing of cups required. It's a vast improvement on the older 'pressed cups' design in my opinion.

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  • BuglyBugly Posts: 520
    :shock: Are you sure you need a new chainring, cluster and chain after only 2.5k miles? That seems to be a little early unless you have ridden in appalling conditons and did not maintain the chain. Even light alloy clusters and chainrings should give better life then that. Is it worth getting a second opinion on the wear?

    My mistake you have already had the replacement done - but I really think you lbs is overservicing you.
  • Seems a lot to replace after such a short time to me.

    Start maintaining the bike to the level you are comfortable with first, splitting a chain is very easy for example. Maybe practice indexing gears and taping your handlebars, as they don't require any tools. Replacing cassettes just requires a chain whip and lockring tool which could be the next step.
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  • hugo15hugo15 Posts: 1,101
    Andy - Not sure where in the UK you are, but I would really recommend attending one of the one day maintenance courses run by Edinburgh Bike Co-op. Cost is about £40. It really gave me the confidence to have a go at maintaining my bike myself. The Park Tools website is also a good source
  • CajunCajun Posts: 1,048
    Yep....I'm with 'Bugly'... a new cluster & chain ring shouldn't be necessary unless you've been doing some crazy riding, under crazy conditions.... when you get your new chain, just hang it along side of your present chain for correct length (the requirement of a new cluster, chain ring and chain may indicate that the present chain length IS ALREADY WRONG.) ... Field2.y=5
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