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oldskoolkoololdskoolkool Posts: 86
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Iv got a carbon wrapped FSA stem on my colnago but iv noticed that the top and bottom faces where it clamps around the fork tube aren't totally parallel and so its not clamping the headset evenly,its making the top cup slant fractionally.Its slightly thicker at the front than the rear,i expect its due to where they end the carbon wrap.......Im now after a replacement stem but im unsure which one to go for,....any suggestions anyone?????Shall i avoid carbon wrapped stems and just get a nice aluminium one with precisely machined faces?????


  • protoproto Posts: 1,482
    Yes! Lighter and cheaper.

    I don't think you can go wrong with Deda Newton, but to be honest most stems are pretty much the same and there's a good chance they all come out of the same factory in Taiwan anyway. By the one you like.
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