Is it actually Winter?

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I went on my first "pleasure" ride of the year today. I'd only been commuting so far this year and so had only amassed about 200miles for 2008 (not that I added many miles today).Just fitted some SKS Chromoplastics to my commuting bike, so I decided I wouldn't waste the rest of the day.

Bone dry roads, blue sky, sun, warm weather, but headwinds (seemingly) every way I turned.

Only wore a jersey and 3/4 bibs, felt like summer, no need for gloves or anything else extra.

Anybody else have a good ride today?
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    Same here in Lincs,
    Was out this morning on my new roadie and the weather was very pleseant except for the wind. I did notice that you can get a good speed up is the wind is behind you and it allows for you to look like you are gracefully powering along, rather than my usual red cheeked grimace 8)

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    Yup. First outing with CTC (Easy Rides group, I'm way short on fitness) for at least 6 months. Dry if mostly grey. And, yes, some nasty headwinds heading "home" westerly along the Trent valley.

    Ne'er mind, did it and now at 266 miles since 1 Jan. Quite chuffed, really!
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  • I have to say that it was a pleasant day to be out - apart from the wind, which was horrible.

    Still it was better than being frozen to death or wet through!
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    Took my best bike out today, the roads looked so inviting!. Didnt expect to get to ride it for a few months yet. Also restarted commutijg by bike about 6 months ago - cant believe i could ride over 70 miles today - longest ride in along time - just goes to show a little and often is good for you!
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    Yes, I was out on my best bike today as well, thought I'd never ride it in January thats for sure!

    Ended up doing 100 miler, partly to enjoying the tailwinds so much I forgot I had to turn round and go home into howling gales! Worth the effort though, roll on tommorrow, starting out into the wind this time! 8)
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    Lucky you.

    The 40-50mph winds of recent days finally dispersed this afternoon but the roads are still in a poor state (probably will befor sometime yet) and it still bitter on the coast.

    I was going to go out on an MTB as it was just drizzling but FA Cup on the telly won in the end.
    I did toy with the idea of going on the turbo while the Wigan vs. Chelsea match was on but half a fridge full of Timothy Taylor's and Jennings Cumberland Ale put paid to that idea.

    More FA Cup tomorrow too. :oops:
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    went out first thing and the wind was a bitch. walked the dog in the afternoon and wished the dog was a morning person/animal. just a breeze. hope the wind is kinder in the morning.
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    Only wore a jersey and 3/4 bibs, felt like summer, no need for gloves or anything else extra.

    Eh! You must be a hardy soul. I delayed going out on my bike today until early afternoon. By that time the winds that had threatened to take my roof off last night and this morning had died down a bit.

    It was still very cold and windy so believe it or not I had 5 layers on my top half - t-shirt, cycle jersey, thin woolen jumper, thin fleece jumper and cycling jacket. I felt that I needed all that to keep these cold Noth Yorks winds at bay. Oh, I also wore a pair of gloves, and a skull cap under my helmet.

    I was out for 3 hours believe me, I needed all that to keep me warm.
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    I did a 12 miler early this morning - reasonably warm, although quite windy (up to 26mph) - that included a 1.25 mile climb of up to 10-13 % in parts - thoroughly enjoyable - as a bonus, I'm losing weight fast at the moment :D
  • Just wait a few months and you'll be asking "is is actually summer?" :lol:
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