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Great Saddle

NWLondonerNWLondoner Posts: 2,047
edited January 2008 in Workshop
I just want to say how impressed I am with the Specialized BG2 Sport saddle with V Groove that I got from Evans.

The sale patter on the package said it increases penile blood flow by so many percent and i though it would be the same old bulls**t, however it was going for £20 so i thought what the hell.

How wrong i was

My old saddle would make my censored sore within 10 minutes of riding but today after 17 miles NOT once did I feel sore or uncomfortable.

Just wish my legs did not feel like lead now :shock:


  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,890
    Give it a couple of months and tell us how it feels then eh?
  • got one on my mtb - its great, 60 miles off road is the furthest Ive taken it, and minimal saddle pain (or perhaps the saddle pain was just hidden behind the general agony from everywhere else :) )
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