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Well my new build went out for it's first ride today (actually yesterday at this point I suppose!) The roads seemed dry enough to risk it, and sure enough it came back as clean as it went out. It's mostly Record (Chorus chainset (and BB :D )) on a PF QS2 frameset, with WCS forks, and an AC 420 rim on Record rear wheel (will be AC420 front too when I eventually get the hub I need). Didn't do far, but enough to appreciate the 2kg+ it is lighter than my previous race bike (probably almost 4kg less than the winter bike I'm mostly riding!)

Just a few points from previous discussions, now I've finally got to ride the thing:
1) Couldn't detect any handling issues with my £400 carbon frame, and it's certainly plenty stiff enough. Felt just as comfortable as my previous bike, but then that's what I'd expect given the same tyres at the same pressure.
2) Didn't notice any issue with the noise from the Record hub when freewheeling. Maybe I'm deaf or the wind was howling too much, as I did do some freewheeling when the 50/11 gear ran out.
3) Yes I really do need* the 50/11 top gear - tried going to the 12, but was spinning out much earlier than I liked. I'm not a superhuman, just have hills where it's faster to pedal the 50/11 going down than to coast.

* in so much as any of us here need nice bikes.


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