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CO2 inflators

wakemalcolmwakemalcolm Posts: 633
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Am thinking of trying some of these so asked a fellow cycling colleague whether he had any experience of them. He answered that he shyed away from using them because the universal 16g cartridge couldn't inflate a decent sized off-road tyre.

I normally ride 26" slicks on schraeders (Panaracer Paselas, nominally 26*1.75). Will I get 70 psi out of one?

Any advice greatfully received.
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  • SteveorowSteveorow Posts: 162
    You can get bigger catridges that 16s . I got one catridge rom the LBS that has inflated 2 off 700cX23s and still has some left; after using the CO2s I check with the track pump when I get home and they are normaly inflated to over 90 PSI . I would expect one of these would do the trick .
  • CajunCajun Posts: 1,048
    I generally use a manual pump to get it pumped up to 'almost full', then I use the CO2 for I always carry 3 cartridges....usually I get a 'dud' about every 10-15 cartridges....if one cartridge won't get to 70psi, go for 2 8)
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Just getting a decent hand pump would be far better. Its a bit wasteful isn't it outside of a race ?
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