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Dubai MTB Ride

arnoarno Posts: 2
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Hi to all fellow MTB enthusiasts.

I am writing to all of you from sunny Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Well, actually over the last week or so it has been overcast and wet. Almost like a typical UK summers day. (By the way, I'm an expat South African so I'm allowed to make these comments about the UK, since we beat you in the rugby world cup :lol: ). Anyway, I digress, the point of this "article" is to put some feelers out there.

We are planning to have a MTB mini-epic in the Emirates in March / April 2009. The plan is to travel between 2 cities, over some of the most picturesque terrain in the Middle East. The route crosses over a spectacular mountain range which also is one of the highest in the Emirates and Oman. The planned route will cross into Oman and depending on where the finish line is, it might re-enter back into the Emirates. The race must be entered by a 2 person team, using the basic "epic values" of helping each other through the route. The climbs are pretty hectic at places so it is a good idea to be paired and help each other across. The fun part is going back down towards the ocean on the other side.

So if anybody out there are planning a trip to the UAE early next year and would like to attend this race, please let me know. Don’t worry about bringing bikes across if you're worried about that. There are several bike shops in Dubai that will be more than happy to rent out their bikes. As mentioned earlier, this is still at the planning stage so dates and the final route distance still has to be finalised.



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