Gillet OR Baselayer OR Arm warmers ??

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I currently wear a racing cape type thing when it's cold. (2-10 degrees C).

But this generally acts as a parachute and billows around so that it generally slows me down.
And we can't have that.

I was looking for advice about what you guys wear that stops the wind going straight through you but doesn't slow you down.

And that might be a bit water resistent too?


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  • I bought a windstopper jacket. It's quite tight, breathable, has 3 pockets on the back and is warm. Mine was £30 and much better than the ones I saw from Gore or Assos. The only label on it says Wndtex I think it might be made by Nico Sport.
  • Mog Uk
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    Thin base layer ( decathlon ) long sleeve winter jersey and a lightweight Altura Nevis jacket, not once have I got a chill from the wind ( or wet )
  • acorn_user
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    For windstopping, or cold air stopping (more often the case!), I wear a Gore windstopper jacket. I like it a lot. Otherwise, I wear my long sleeve jersey with a long sleeve merino base layer. Works really well. Also recommend Bridgedale light trekking socks with wool in them. They are fantastic.
  • ut_och_cykla
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    gillet, base layer & arm warmers will give you a very broad choice depending on the weather. Gillet is great all year round almost (especially with rear pockets makes any Tshirt/base layer a cycle top!), arm warmers handy when you're unsure in the summer/autumn/spring. I have 2 base layers - 1 sleeveless & 1 with sleeves whch can be used alone or together
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  • I was very sceptical about gillets until I bought one - it is fantastic! I like how versatile it is - I'll use it in the winter over a jacket and also in the summer over just a jersey. I still think that it is worth getting something for covering your arms though, so a baselayer or arm warmers make sense.

    Whatever you buy, make sure it is tight fitting.
  • Philip S
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    I've been looking for a decent gillet for the versatility reason but have been struggling to find one with pockets on the back. Can anyone recommend any in particular?

  • Prendas do this ventstopper (like windstopper) one with pockets for £25
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  • Assos Airblock - you won't regret it.
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    Assos Airblock - you won't regret it.

    The gilets are class
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    If its less than 5 degrees I wear assos airblock I bought off ebay in summer for £45.
    If above that I wear nike base layer, shorts sleeved jersey with arm warmers, then assos intermediate, then I find I can get warm when working on climbs but not too warm but then feel chill decending so stick on assos windstopper as I find it better than gillet as arms get chilled. Again bought it off ebay, £17, best buy ever for me :D
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    I love my Altura night vision ... index.aspx
    Mine is the yellow one, it's bright :lol: I have yet to be cold on the bike wearing this jacket and I've been up above Patley Bridge with a lot of ice on the road, I have gone down from wearing other long sleeved jackets underneath to just a T shirt and I'll probably dispense with that if this warm weather continues. It is very breathable and a lot more waterproof than I expected. Another big plus is that with non bio powder you can just bung it in the washing machine on a 30 degree program.
    Simply put this is the best bit of non summer biking kit I have ever bought, I managed to get mine for twenty five pounds so look around for a deal.

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    Assos Airblock - you won't regret it.

    The gilets are class

    so are the base layers!