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Road saddle for child

dnsmiffdnsmiff Posts: 52
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Have just got hold of a Giant SCR 3 w (XS) for my son's birthday (will be 9), have swapped the bars (now 36cm) and Stem (50mm) but I am now stuck with a large ladies saddle. I need to get hold of the smallest race saddle I can.

I've seen that "jump" saddles are pretty narrow - would this be up to the job? I am looking for a saddle no wider than 130mm but can't see much detail on any of the websites? I don't want to spend more that £20 either, as the bike is starting to get a bit expensive.

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  • hamstercphamstercp Posts: 639
    Try a Bontrager (made by Selle San Marco) - they are about as narrow as they get. They are also fantastically comfortable - I rode 820 miles in two weeks on one.

    BTW, there's one for sale on at the moment, NOS
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