8 speed screw on freewheel.

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I have just bought some Campagnolo Centaur hubs after doing some research I discovered that they are ATB screw in hubs from 1989. ATB length in 1989 was130mm same as my Dawes Galaxy.

I was thinking of putting an 8 speed screw in freewheel does anyone know of any they recommend and any to avoid.

Also my Dawes has a very, very tough paint finish. Very Hardy is it still possible to achieve a similar finish?

Much obliged Gary


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    "a very, very tough paint finish. Very Hardy is it still possible to achieve a similar finish?"

    Stove enamelling? Perhaps the new H&S Regs about spray paint impact on finishes - although there can I think be exemptions for "historical" restorations (Classic Car mags have been covering this issue)? Obvious is powder coating, but some folk don't like the look of it.
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    Sure my Dawes wasn't powder coated. Perhaps it was stove enameled and then was coated in many layers of some type of polyurethane varnish. Not sure but it has been very tough. Powder coating seems ok for certain jobs but I don't really like the look of it. It may be an option for my Raleigh Twenty bike. Can anyone recommend somebody for powder coating?
  • wher are you in the uk? im in newcastle upon tyne and used bettablast

    address: Bettablast
    Unit 2/3/Algernon Industrial Estate, New York Road, Shiremoor
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE27 0NB

    0191-251 8575

    was £40 i think and they did a fab job loads of great colour choices and let me go and inspect the frame between blasting and powder coating was perfectly clean and i let them get on with it,
    had to get the bb shell tapped later but was going to do it anyway

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    Gray .I have some good quality 8 speed screw on F/W ring me if Interested.Paul
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    I am based in London and the Midlands. That price of £40 was good. Could be a bit too far for me. I might have to source nearer London or the Midlands as in Loughborough and Derby.

    Paul I have emailed you!