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Government cycling policy

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    We are about to start work on a new road safety strategy looking beyond the current
    2010 targets, which will include taking a fresh look at improving safety for all road
    users, including cyclists.

    Remember 2010 is after the next compulsory Westminister Election.
    The Department is about to commission an integrated research programme assessing
    road user safety issues in relation to cycling and make recommendations for future
    policies and practices. This is a three year project and covering three areas:
    • cycle helmet use;
    • cycling infrastructure; and
    • rider/driver attitudes to cycling.
    About bloody time

    Wonder what the Scottish Government and Welsh Assembly have planned as this is a devolved matter. ... rt/cycling
    Of course censored all, its a council matter. (and that page hasn't been updated since May)
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  • The Welsh Assembly Government has no document similar to this, but there are collective proceedings published on it's website ... ds=11/2007

    is an example of it's transport strategy. From a cyclists point of view these are warm words of comfort, but is there any action? I suspect it will be rather a long time before the gabalfa interchange becomes a pleasant ride.

    I would say to the Assembly's credit though, that they are inviting opinion and making it relatively simple to put views forward.

    Note the bit in the link about CO2 emissions...
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    It occurs to me that government curently seem unable to produce any document that doesn't have the word "sustainable" in the title.
    "A recent study has found that, at the current rate of usage, the word 'sustainable' will be worn out by the year 2015"
  • I wouldn't worry. They might think they have a limitless supply of that word, but at current usage levels the government will run out of the word 'sustainable' by 2025
  • ParkeyParkey Posts: 303
    Perhaps we should start a campaign for the sustainable useage of the word "sustainable".
    "A recent study has found that, at the current rate of usage, the word 'sustainable' will be worn out by the year 2015"
  • there goes another two...
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