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Hi there everbody, just got a quick question...I am thinking of organising a sportive ride just below the English border. I have a really nice route but the only issue with this is that it is one way, I have looked into trying to make the route circular but it is not possible unless we backtracked over the same route. I myself would not be to bothered about getting a friend/family member to come and pick me up at the end but I am intrigued to know what the rest of you think. Thanks in advance, E


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    I think you'd have to lay on some sort of transport for riders and bikes back to the start otherwise some would not be able to enter if they can't cadge a lift.

    It will put some off anyway as anyone who really treasures their bike hates the thought of it being slung in the back of a lorry to return to the start - I know a few guys who would not ride the British TdF Sportif last year for this reason!
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    The one-way route would really put me off. Even if transport were laid on I wouldn't fancy waiting around, and then having my bike chucked into a trailer with loads of other bikes.

    PutneyJoe (of this parish) and I are doing Paris-Roubaix this year and we've got a 2-car thing going to make sure we don't have to use the laid on transport. Also doing Tour fo Flanders but Belgian trains will take care of the logistical difficulties for us.
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