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Pollok Park - Glasgow

Dizzy the EggDizzy the Egg Posts: 153
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I e-mailed the local councillor for Pollok a few months back to complain about the course. The course itself is fine but I'm put off going because of the masses of joggers and dog walkers who insist going through the routes (usualy the wrong way) causing disruption to cyclists.

I tried contacting Glasgow City Council but since sport facilities have now been tranferred to Culture and Sport Glasgow absolutely nobody from either organisation seems able to accept responsibilty for the course. The local counillor said he would take this issue up as a matter of urgency but I have not been back for a few months (through injury and a knackered bike). Anyone been recently noticed any improvements, either fewer pedestrian traffic or increased signs?


  • Haven't used it yet but was planning to over the next few weeks (get my new bike tomorrow). I'll look out for stragglers...

    Where alse do you go mtbing around Glasgow Dizzy?
  • Been down Pollok quite a few times lately as I've not got time to get anywhere further afield, there's no new signs and still joggers and walkers going round the trails the wrong way, they do tend to move out the way though, or maybe it's just cos I don't slow down for them when they're on the marked trails!
  • Hmmm,

    I think I'll contact that councillor again to see what exactly has been done. The red trail's not too bad coz it's a bit out the way but the blue trail seems to have at least one person stoating through it.

    The problem is I'm reluctant to bomb it on the blue in case I crash into someones German Shepard who then proceeds to maul me!

    Doodoo, I've only really been to Pollok and Carron Valley. I enjoy Carron Valley more than most folk probably because I'm used to having to watch out for people wandering through Pollok, which is still a good ride most of the time.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the new plans for Cathkin Braes 2014 centre, no doubt if Glasgow City Council are running it, it will be ready in 2020!
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