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colinwcolinw Posts: 85
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hi i borrowed the wifes mp3 player when i was riding yesterday it was great
It was ****ing down and whilst i did not want it on on the more technical parts of my ride as i needed to consetrait on not falling of in the mud, on the way home it was great.
I think i got home faster when ac dc came on who else rides with music and what kind of set up do you use i had a armband on this one as wife runs with it


  • shin0rshin0r Posts: 555
    Personally I go biking to get away from noise - and it would be difficult to communicate with my riding mates if we all had ipods in.

    Saying that, music can be hugely motivational when riding or running - I would go for "100 greatest guitar solos" or the like :lol:
  • colinwcolinw Posts: 85
    hi i could not agree more when im riding with my mate we like to hear the world around us and chat and put the world to rights.
    but when riding on my own and training to get fitter it seemed to work
  • dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
    I often ride into the local town for a pint or two some nights and thats 4 miles away - 20 minutes if you take it slowly so you don't sweat too much :D. or occasionally I go 10 miles to another pub.
    got a creative zen stone plus, at least a fiver less than an ipod touch, but it has a screen and twice as much memory, tiny so it easily fits anywhere, can buy an arm band for it too.
    When I'm out mtbing (off-road) in any shape or form though, I don't listen to music just ruins it all a bit.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 28,799
    i listen to music when running or road riding but never when mtbing. it takes my mind of the more painful pastmes but i never hang out too much on my mtbs.

    i use an ipod shuffle which clips to my clothing or too my watch strap so is pretty unobtrusive.
  • i'll only use one if i'm out on my own and only when i'm on a easy part. if i'm put with my mates i don't use it. i got an ipod touch which sits in my rusack.
  • schmakoschmako Posts: 1,982
    For commuting always, for xc rides on my own always, but any other time and I give it a miss.
  • Yes, pretty much they same as you guys, on your own cant beat it! But out with somebody, or doing a technical bit i like to concentrate! :roll:
  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    Never use one when I'm out, got enough to worry about. Just about makes the exercise bike bearable though :(
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  • love them for park riding as i dont have to listen to all the big weel jokes of the natives should ony ever were 1 earfone though i know some who crashed on a doble and stood up to get ran over from the next rider who didnt hear him because he had an i pod in
    stephen hall
  • If I am out for a solo blast on the Trans Pennine Trail I put my iPod (in a waterproof cover) into my rear shirt pocket. This means I can access it easily to flick past any of the dodgy tracks my wife wanted me to put on it and concentrate on the rock!

    Don't use it if I am out with my mates or on technical runs. I also switch it off when I get back onto the roads

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  • manc_ianmanc_ian Posts: 166
    I was up on snake path (near hayfield) at the weekend and some guy rode past me with music blaring from somewhere. Think it was from his phone in his coat pocket. Dont think the walkers were appreciating it much.
  • I mostly prefer to listen to something thats guitar based and rocking but i put prodigy's greatest hits on the other day and i was riding faster than a robot on crack! God that sort of music gets u pumped for a ride!! Only thing i don't like about listening to music whilst riding is that i can't hear cars n stuff on the road!
    I love the sound my tyres make on dusty single track!
  • wow which reminds me, i need to buy a new bible for my bible study

    i need mountain biking gear to show my mountain bike techniques
  • i use mine when riding as i normally ride alone, have it in my pocket on the camalbak, but only have it for background noise more than anything, always make sure i can hear the passing traffic etc!
    have to say though it does help you kep a rhythm but can also make you ride faster than anticipated when certain tracks come on!! mainly oldschool rock! helps a great deal on the climbs up through the woods!!!
    After all, I am Cornish!
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  • clarksonclarkson Posts: 1,641
    i only use it on my own, which is almost always!

    just bought a new sony 4gb; a huuuuge improvement over my old 128mb and sounds great with the bose headphones! it is nice sometimes to not have them in, particualry if its a quiet spot, but i find it helps motvate me when im riding.

    i have it in my pocket in my shorts, cabvle coming up inside my top, helps stop it getting ripped out.
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