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GMTV today

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Another strange rant:

As a totality, and relative to vehicles, cyclists bring relatively little nuisance to our roads.......seems like a bit of "minority" bashing on the Baronesses part.

edit: - just spotted the same topic in Commuting :oops:


  • also a dickhe*d called john? gaunt on the Titchmarsh show whingeing about cyclists not paying anything, where do they get their info from ...I like to think if I went on tv I would get my facts right first, another one who believes cyclists don't pay towards the roads, still at least Titchmarsh was bigging up cyclists as was his ex Brookie and Brids eye pea ad female guest can't remember her name but "well hello".
    being a reformed stuntdrinker allows pontification
  • Interesting that the vote section on the link puts the split only a bit in favour of no to registration plates.

    I wonder if our police will be out next christmas morning rounding up 7 year olds on their new bikes.

    Also, should we refer the honourable peer to the CPS after her confession of assault?
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