what are the conditions are like in the Chilterns?

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... given all the recent rain does anyone know what teh conditions are like in the Chilterns?

I anticipate extreme wetness, sliperyness and a bit of a bog-fest, but feel free to tell me I'm wrong...


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  • If there's one thing the Chilterns do well it's mud.

    Lots of it today around Skirmett, Southend, Fingest and Toweridge
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  • There muddy, and i live about as high as you can get on the chilterns and all the trails near me are slippery and very wet, the ride to the local jupos goes through the woods and takes twice as long as usual because of the mud.
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  • Down in the south chilterns its been pretty good I thought :wink: Or maybe I've gotten use to mud.
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