Shooting stones

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Just wondering how dangerous these things are, when you go over a loose stone and it goes firing off like a bullet in a sideways direction. Couple of times I've heard them whack cars with a fair bit of force, don't know if it they're powerful to break windows but I wonder if I would be responsible if it did. Also could be nasty if they hit a pedestrian.


  • I suppose it is like a car - I had a colleague drive in front of me on a country lane, his rear tyres flipped up a large stone (come rock) and whacked my front windscreen. Smashed it!

    It is a free for all on the road where this is concerned. If you get stung (or fall for it in paying for the damage) you could then sue the council for the road being in a poor condition etc for debris on the road...

    It is no different to gritters damaging your car with grit or when your going on a new road and get lots of chips in your paint...
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    It was cycling to work along a newly top dressed road with stones flying everywhere that started me wearing glasses all the time for cycling. There's not a lot you can do except protect your eyes; you're unlikely to be hurt seriously elsewhere.

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    You are almost certainly not legally liable to pay compensation to other vehicle.

    For you to be liable- you need to
    1. Owe a duty of care to other party
    2. Breach that duty of care
    3. Damage ( physical & / OR economic loss) must flow from the breach of the duty of care.

    Here, there is no breach of the duty of care, IF you are using road in ordinary manner.
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    This happened to me once.

    Me and mate were ridng up the road, literally 50 yds from my house when a stone pinged out from under my front tyre and hit him on the knuckle. It brought a tear to his eye I can tell you.

    What are the chances of that happening !!

    Bit O/T but seeing your thread reminded me of it !!
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    Before Christmas, there were roadworks on Putney Bridge that spread marble-sized pebbles all over the road. They were lethal - not from a "shooting" perspective, but from a-front-wheel-coming-out-from-under-you-with-no-warning-at-all perspective. Bloody road workers....
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    Wouldn't worry about it - had a car flick one up at me when just 1 mile into a 20 mile commute home - split my nose open - just missed my eye. Had to stop at some houses as the blood was pumping out...household called ambulance and I ended up at a hospital some 15 miles from home being patched up....

    Two black eyes as well.... 8)