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Rockshox Revelation - Oil in negative air

yensidyensid Posts: 19
edited January 2008 in MTB workshop & tech

After some advice; I'm getting some oil coming out of the lower air valve of my Rockshox Revelation 409 air u-turn. Only a small amount, probably less than a tea-spoon. First time I noticed was after a 3hr ride, but checked it again today after the bike has been stood-up for a fortnight and it's just the same. Seems to be holding pressure OK.
Fork hasn't seen much use or abuse, about 4 months old.


  • shin0rshin0r Posts: 555
    Exactly the same issue here! Today I deflated the negative air chamber and a teaspoon of oil game gushing out. Fork appears to be working ok though.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    I posted before on this, saying it could be residual stuff, but if its happening regularly, sounds like something is amiss. Good news is that its not damping oil - thats in the other leg. The air leg contains about 15cc or so of oil as a bath to lubricate, and the shafts are generously coated. Not sure how its getting out!
  • waltwalt Posts: 6
    I spoke to TFTuned about it, and they suggested it was nothing to worry about - as long as fork is holding pressure. I got the feeling he'd been asked the question a number of times before - he suggested RS should state something in the manual.
    He also suggested, when possible to lay the bike/fork on its side or upside down when checking pressure to reduce the amout of the lubricating oil passing out.
  • waltwalt Posts: 6
    I started the post as Yensid (my old C+ forum name) in case I caused confusion
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