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Campag Record track hubs

Aidy40Aidy40 Posts: 178
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I have just acquired a lovely set of original Campag Track hubs. However, I have heard that they are not designed to take outdoor road use (bearing not sealed?), so before I decide to have them built into a wheelset can anyone advise on their utility?


Aidan Searle


  • tatanabtatanab Posts: 1,283
    Original, I assume you mean pre "Sheriff Star".

    Anyway, the same applies - don't worry about it, just use them. Look at 1960/70 hubs and the cone shielding will be the same for a Campag Road hub or a track hub. From memory some road cones had a labyrinth cut in them to form a sort of water seal but I'm not convinced it did anything. Look at cheaper hubs of the period - on some you could just about see the ball bearings, so sealing was virtually nil but there was no "must not get wet" instruction.

    Sheriff star hubs, the cone shielding is different and arguably better. I have one on the front of my commuter machine. Like any good commuter machine it is used in all weathers and left exposed to the elements for many hours. The hub is more than 10 years old, and all I do is regrease it every couple of years. It is still silky smooth in operation even if the the outer is salt pitted.

    If on the other hand you want to assemble an all weather machine that takes no maintenance, then many modern hubs will offer better sealing.
  • Aidy40Aidy40 Posts: 178
    Thanks tabanab, thats useful info, will prob use them on road , but perhaps not winter commuting!

    Aidan Searle
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