Pedersen Cycles in the UK

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Does anyone know who/how a perderson sycle can be sourced in the UK?[/b]


  • Cunobelin
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    There used to be a guy called Doug Pinkerton who can be contacted through the Moulton Society who restores these, otherwise there are a number of replicas around being manafactured today, Jasper Sollinger is one, and there used to be a compamy in Cheltenham, but I think they are no longer..

    Try Peter Eland's Velovision site for contacts with UK owners
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  • meagain
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    Just for info, one has just been listed on th'bay - quite a rare sighting I imagine!

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  • term1te
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    There's one nearly always parked at Basel railway station, not much help, but I'm always pleased to see it there.
  • scherrit
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    Yup, Doug knows everything about these beasts, I saw him weaving a pederson "saddle" recently!! He's based in Rednall I think, just trying to find a webbo site or email......

    Apologies, can't find an address!
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