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MINEWT X2 Dual not turning on

paulswilliams2paulswilliams2 Posts: 137
edited January 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
Anyone had any problems with the on / off button on these lights? I brought them a couple of months ago, and have only used em probably 3 times. Fitted em to bike tonight to play and ensure they were positioned properly. Seemed ok until I turned em off. When I turned em back on again, the blue LED indicators on both the battery and both headlights worked, but the beam itself did not come on.

Tried pressing and holding down, pressing down quickly etc, and have come up with the following problem. I have to press the button probably 2 - 10 times sometimes removing the battery pack from headlights inbetween before the lights come on. When the come on, they seem fine and I have wiggled the connections and all seems fine. No flicker or similar.

Anyone had similar problems? What is their support like? Luckily I brought on credit card!!!


  • yensidyensid Posts: 19
    I use my x2's regularly on my commute and trail rides and they've been great.
    Although, I did have a similar problem a couple of months back which dissapeared after charging the battery. Worked fine for the ride to work (battery indicator stayed on blue) but at 'home-time', no light - battery indicator lit up but I can't recall if the blue indicator llluminated at the lamp. Charged it up, and it's worked fine and has done ever since.
  • Funny you should say that....

    The lights were probably about 95% charged before I posted. I put em on charge again after posting and tried again. They were fine. Went to Cannock Chase on Monday night and did a good 1.5 hours and they were fine although the red light came on after an hour. Think this is a pessimistic warning as I was on lower beam half the ride (i.e. the climbs).

    Just a bit disconcerting,
  • yensidyensid Posts: 19
    Replying to your post was a kiss of death!

    Going home Friday afternoon, the lights would come on, stay on for 10 secs and then shut off - blue indicator on both lamp and battery pack would illuminate. Luckily, Friday pm early doors, so didn't really need the lights to see by. Got home, charged them up, tested for about 10mins and appeared to work but following morning - on for 10 secs then shut off.

    I purchased them from All Terrain Cycles - who are replacing them. Hope the next set lasts a bit longer!
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