Pretty bruised and knocked about today!

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So, its a great day- full sun, went out for my first ride on my new Ridley. Bit nervous about the trip with the new clipless pedals, but youve gotta start sometime!

Managed to several succesful clips/ unclips so it seemed most of my fears were over.... until we hit the Black Ice!! My God how scary was that. Wasnt going that quick but must have slid four yards with the bike!! No cars thank God. Walked for a few yards and couldnt even stand up on the road let alone cycle. About 300 yards down the road looked OK so we had another go. Exactly the same result only this time it hurts more when you fall on he same bruised hip and elbow.

So I have experienced my first cycling bodily damage and the bike has a slightly bent right brake lever but not too much damage apart from that! In a bit of discomfort tonight but still going out tomorrow- you have to- dont you!!


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    so we had another go. Exactly the same result only this time it hurts more when you fall on he same bruised hip and elbow.

    I know that feeling... twice in a row (except I was stupid enough to try starting to ride on the same bit of black ice...)

    Was quite funny tho cause I told me work mate to be careful on the cycle path at that point, he went home and did the same thing lmfao.

    Good to hear there was only a little bit of damage caused, My back gear mech broke, had to have a new one.
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    Tallyarver wrote:
    the bike has a slightly bent right brake lever !!

    You sure that it's not just the STI that has turned in a little? If the STI has turned you should be able to knock it back straight.
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    I came off this morning on some ice. Scary stuff. Ped nearby told me I was the second one in about 2 minutes :( He then told me to get straight back on (as if I wasn't...)

    Got a nice gouge in my right leg (pedal?) with a suitably bloodied pair of tights - not checked the bike over yet but gear changes seemed a bit iffy on the way home.
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    i came down twice too, once on the right side once on the left. matching thigh bruises! all within 300 yds of my front door, was ok on the main roads though and tried to keep out of the shade, where the danger normally lurks.
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    Hope you recover soon and your confidence isn't damaged as well.

    I tend not to go out if it looks slippery, but a nice sunny, but cold day is hard to resist.

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    Fell down on Saturday morning, turning off road onto a cycle path, ice on the path. I was only going slowly but fell flat on my chest; the fall winded me but I managed to ride most of the way home until I had to brake down hill. When I braked it became very pain full and I had to walk. My wife forced me to visit casualty and I am now sat with a couple of broken ribs. Its very uncomfortable and I cannot breath correctly. In future I will be sticking to the road and keeping off the cycle path.