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OK blasting out the noob questions at an unholy rate

luxor5luxor5 Posts: 30
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ok previous posts resolved i have another daft noob question i have my bike in my back garden under well a great big (very Thin) bike cover poncho type cover thing.... grammar aside i brought it from my local cycle shop for £10. The packaging had a nice picture
of a cycle under thIs "seasonal cover" which would prevent all of G.B's lovlie weather rusting my nice shiny parts.. does anyone else leave their cycle outside all year round i persume from experience of owning a motorcycle that covers just stop the brunt of all the elements but moisture can form underneath and well the cold and heat expand contract things that shouldent be doing that shall i just clear my shed out and move it in there or will a cover (if covered properly) suffice.

END of silly posts.. thank you
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Shed would be better, but condensation can still form on parts. All you can do is keep an eye on things and have a good maintrnance regime.
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    Keep it indoors, if you don't have space then strip it down and hide it in a wardrobe/chest of draws/under your bed etc!
  • papasmurf.papasmurf. Posts: 2,382
    all bikes kept indoors in the bike garage, erm sorry dinning room. The weathers bad outside and thieving gits abound.
  • dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
    Mine are in my garage and in your situation i'd prefer to keep them in a shed rather than under a cover. in a shed you can get a decent lock for the shed and your bikes too - more security.
  • i keep mine in my kitchen (the joys of having my own place). Perfect place to work on it and eat at same time 8)
  • DiscopoohDiscopooh Posts: 109
    eeek! not outside, my baby has to be warm and tooked up snug as a bug. :)
  • Do try to keep it in a shed, but if you must leave it outside, make sure the cover is secure. Was forced to move my pride and joy outside the other night and the bloody tarp blew off!! I now have a few specks of rust. Really really annoyed!!
  • clasclas Posts: 187
    Ive got three in the utility room four in the conservatory which is big mind. I also have the turbo trainer in the conservatory and use that when its colddarkrainycantbearrsed weather.
    Keep it well maintained and it MAY be ok under a tarp not sure I would be keen mind. :wink:
    I never touched it! It was broke when I got here.
  • luxor5luxor5 Posts: 30
    lol im not keen on it either i live in shared resi so its time to get lthe and lord to clean me some room in the shed these posts have made my mind up now next day off from work.... 5 days time ill b***dy clean it out and stick my baby in there lol thanks everyone.
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  • Inside, my friend, always inside. Respect towards your bike should be same as respect towards the riding you do. As many here, I keep mine in dry, locked up shed.
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