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GT Agressor 3.0

luxor5luxor5 Posts: 30
edited January 2008 in MTB beginners
ok Guys and gals... Just brought this agressor as a warm up back into the swing of things... can ayone give it a *pro rating is it any good it feels nice to ride even at 6 in the morning on my way to work just wondering why its agrressor and not avalanche is that a halfords thing.... ... yrn_106167

ONE exception i got rok shocks on mine 1.0 or 3.0 the less expensive ones can't remember the name...

Ride Like the devil is chasing you


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Halfords have an old deal with GT - they name them the Aggressor and halfords spec them. They are last years Avalanche frames.

    Its a good budget bike. I have an Avalcnhe lurking in my shed, good frames, nice kit, and you got an upgraded fork. Deal! In the end all that matters is wjhat you think of it.
  • luxor5luxor5 Posts: 30
    ah thank you thats all i needed to hear i was dreading a reply along the lines of avoid at all costs or your better riding on a unicycle but just to hear its good for the few sterling i layed out and at my ability level (LOW) ill be ok ...
    thanks supsersonic
    Ride Like the devil is chasing you
  • ive got a '07 aggressor xc3, and am well chuffed mate!
  • Steve_b77Steve_b77 Posts: 1,680
    I bought an Aggressor XC2.0 at the start of the summer and it started an addiction, ater adding Deora Hydraulic Discs and a set of RS Tora 302 U-Turns, new saddle and pedals I wne tnad bought a SPecialized Pitch.

    Bloody adictive sport tastic he hee
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