Lots more info about these?

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I have a few pairs of old (classic?) wheels, and I'm interested in finding out more about them. The two pairs in this gallery are puzzling me:


I don't know much about these things, but here are some key facts.
- Both have non-contemporary screw-on freewheels
- Both have seemingly original Campy QRs
- Both are running on Mavic GP4s, with the old Mavic logo
- They are dirty but mosty uncorroded and in good condition
- Does the rainbow band on the hubs mean anything, or is it common?
- Can't tell precisely, but it seems the spokes are chromed or galvanised?

The wheels are in perfectly useable condition, they run "as smooth as butter" and are completely round and true.

It would be great if someone could give a year and an approximate bike juimble / eBay value on these. I have some similar ones with a Moser hour record commemorative engraving, so the difference this would make would also be helpful

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  • 70/80s, both hubs and rims were running for a long time. No idea what they're worth, depends on what someones willing to pay. I've still got some old Mavic/Record wheels, they're excellent.

    Sorry, I don't think you've got some 'Worlds' special edition record hubs there. They should have a clip to cover the oil port, so I suspect someone has used a bit of rainbow tape (for finishing bar tape) instead, coz they lost them.

    I would think the Mosers would be worth more. Got any pics of them?

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    Around £30 to £40 if someone wants a pair .Trouble is not many folk use tubs now.
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    Chromed spokes were common back in the days - no stainless spokes so they'd rust. Hard to see the condition of the rims - GP4s with the red diamond logo are sought by collectors if in very good condition - may be worth stripping the corroded spokes in order to clean up the hubs and rims for sale on e-bay, rather than the complete wheels.
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    Rims are really excellent - some slight rust spots on eyelets (IIRC) but no wear to braking surface other that through the anodising. Hubs I can strip and clean. Seems a shame to cut them apart, but if they're not really special then I will go ahead. I used them as spares for a while (hence the 7/8spd freewheels) but I can't be bothered with tubs now that I use Tufos. Would be nice to recover some cash. When I get my hands on them (they're in my parents' garage) I'll post pics of the Moser ones.

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