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Brake pad and Shimano XT block advice

rhnbrhnb Posts: 324
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I do a fair bit of riding with a mate of mine on a tandem, and we're after some new disc brake pads for it. The type on at the moment are AZTEC M515's (Shimano Deore mechanical?).

There seem to be a bewildering amount of different types out there (with an amazing price range!), and I know diddly squat about disc brakes. There are Resin, Organic, Sintered etc etc. The Sintered ones I presume are the hardest - so does that mean longer lasting at the expense of a bit of braking power?? We're in the Lake District so need good braking (try hurtling down Wrynose on a tandem!) but don't want to be replacing them every couple of weeks.

Anyone point me in the direction of some to look out for? I see ChainReaction cycles do some Goodridge ones which seem to get good reviews (apart from 1) but none of those are bieng used on a tandem. ... delID=7754

Also, we're after a new cassette. In the past we've always used Shimano XT 11-34 (M760 I think), but once, we managed to get a 12-34 (m750?) off e-Bay which we found removed what felt like a big step in the gearing. Trouble is, we've never been able to find one since. Again, anyone know where I might find one of those?

Any help much appreciated.
Cheeers... Allan
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