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Just bought myself what I think is a great frame set (Litespeed Siena titanium and carbon)

As a realitively big bloke at 15 stone I have no idea what wheels would be compatable with the lightness of the frame and strong enough to take my weight.

Dura-race gear set

budget not a real issue unless stupid money

The wheels aren't used for racing but a recreational ride of 40+miles over the mills and dales of Lancashire

Any advise, apart from losing 3 stone would be most welcome



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    how about losing 4stone then!!

    LOL Sorry couldnt resist and as a 24st male i can fully sympathise!
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    The Easton Orion 2 are advertised as suitable for the larger rider. I've got them on my Look and they have been fine. Seem to be about £420 a pair and 1550g

    http://www.roadbikereview.com/cat/wheel ... 90crx.aspx
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    You could always get a set of handbuilts made up on 36H hub/rims - although the LBS guy was saying that mathematically they thought a 32H rim was better - something to do with even loading.

    Mavic rims are pretty sturdy and easy to come by.
    Bladed spokes have high load factors - check out Sapim's website... They're not cheap though being bladed they look good.

    Handbuilts are easier to get serviced too. (replacement spokes/ re-truing etc).