Road Bike Sizes?

donnie murdo
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A difficult one to answer I know.

I am thinking of buying a Cube Attempt to get into proper road biking but I am unsure of sizing. I take a 17" MTB and already ride a 52cm fixed road bike for commuting. What would be the best size of frame for long journeys?

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  • If the 52cm commuting bike fits you and feels right, go for a similar size for your new bike. The fact that you will use the new bike for longer rides doesn't really alter the choice of frame size, but make sure you can get the handlebars at a comfortable height, i.e. not too much lower than the saddle, or maybe even the same height as the saddle.
    Unless you are confident about choosing your size, I suggest you avoid buying a bike by mail order. Visit a bike shop, try the bikes for size and don't hand over your money until you are happy with the fit. I ignored my own advice last year and bought by mail order an MTB-style commuter bike that was, in theory, a 23.5" frame but turned out to be too small. The money I originally saved by buying online was spent on new handlebars and stem in an attempt to make the bike fit.