First road bike... Giant ORC3 - is this a good buy?

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I'm looking at purchasing a used 2005 Giant OCR3. For $425 US, this seems like a pretty good deal. I've ridden a great deal before off-road with my Trek mountain bike, but recently I've been using it for road biking with fat tires. It's 58cm which is good for my height.

Any ideas? Thanks everyone!

Update: I ended up buying it for $420 US including delivery which was essential. I've ridden it every day since and can't get enough of it. After I head back home for this summer and sell it, I'll be upgrading to a Cannondale.


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    If its $425 then yes good buy, but they cost around £425 new in the UK when they were still being made. I have the 2004 model, and it's a great frame, changed the shifters to R500, but that was my choice.

    Aerobars, and cages are extra, so around £50-£100 (deoending on the aerobars, but flip-up pads aren't the cheapest)
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    good bike for a value you can't complain at :)
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    I'm looking at purchasing a used 2005 Giant OCR3.

    24 speed (3 front, 8 rear) is standard entry-level road bike spec. I think the Giant range offer great spec for the money.

    Check the usual things - that condition is as advertised etc. Try haggling, it's always worth a go.
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