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2008 Resolution?

spen666spen666 Posts: 17,709
edited January 2008 in Campaign
Have we all agreed not to rant in soapbox this year?

Have all the regulars gone away together?

Are those who usually use this section still on their jollies?
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  • don't worry spen666, I will reply and thus keep your thread from sliding down the rankings.
    If you wish to start an endless rant perhaps you should reply to me making a comment about, for example;

    1. How wonderful bike lanes are
    2. Motorists, the persecuted and underappreciated breed.
    3. Licenses for cyclists
    4. Reporting cycle related incidents to the police.
    5. Matthew Parris: How long until a knighthood?
    6. 4 x 4's and their role in reducing global warming

    go on, you know you want to...
  • grayo59grayo59 Posts: 722
    Can I jump in and say:-

    5. Off with his head!
    ......heading for the box, but not too soon I hope!
  • Yes, by all means
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