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new bike you get to choose!

carkiller456carkiller456 Posts: 6
edited January 2008 in MTB buying advice
Can't make up my mind so its all down to you lot to do it for me ie pick one

Mongoose Tyex Elite 07' £240 sale price rrp price £299


Mongoose Tyex Super 07' £295 sale price rrp £370

So down to you.


  • GT DestroyerGT Destroyer Posts: 1,719
    super, not a difficult choice that one TBH
  • obviously super
  • kooltomkooltom Posts: 15
    get the Mongoose Tyex Elite 07'
    i have one and it is amazing.
  • dav1dav1 Posts: 1,298
    get the best ytou can afford every time.

    Super will give you more then the elite so get the super.
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  • easygeasyg Posts: 266
    Super! obvious choice fella, better spec [full stop]
    "If you think straight enough, you can see round corners"
  • batch78batch78 Posts: 1,320
    Thought I was missing something when I read this earlier, obviously not! I'm assuming the Super is on its way to you by now?
  • Hi you all

    Look at the super and like it more after a test run,
    But my Friend say's I can have his old Saracen Mantra1 07 for £80 what do you think.

    I like the super but for £219 more and i'll just getting back on a bike in a long time.
    I know it not as good as the super but will it get me thought the next 6mouths.

    ~Thank you all for time and sorry to waste your time Got until Lunch tom to make up my mind and then the local bike shop will sale it to other person. What to do.

    Thank you all for your help again.
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