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bike purchasing.. will prices shoot up?

webbhostwebbhost Posts: 470
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Hi people,

Just wondering if It would be worth me purchasing a new bike now, rather than march / april when I intend to use it.

I want one that is currently £1900.. but question is cause I have never watched bike prices before, can I expect this price to rise in spring, and if I can, what kind of price would you expect it to rise to?

If you get my point, id rather save a few more months, and purchase the bike when I want it, however theres no point me saving for a few more months to egt some "spare" cash in my savings account, if in 3 months time, I am going to find the extra 300 in my savings is going to be lost due to a price increase in the bikes.

What would you say, am I safe waiting it out, or should I grab it whilst its cheap?


  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    2008 bikes are already in the shops so prices won't change on current models. You might be able to make a saving on a 2007 model - just depends whether you can get the size and model you want.
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  • webbhostwebbhost Posts: 470
    thats all I needed to know monty, thanks.

    It is a 2008 model my eyes are on, so looks like I should be fine waiting until I want it.

  • feelfeel Posts: 800
    Is the 2008 model different to the 2007 version - if not a search could produce some bargains - just out of curiousity what are you thinking of?
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  • Random VinceRandom Vince Posts: 11,374
    2007 models will slowly go down in price as time goes by, they're old stock and shops slowly want rid of them.

    as already said 2008 models will most likely stay stable in price, shopping around will help too.
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  • stueycstueyc Posts: 518
    £2000 on a new bike...very nice budget
  • webbhostwebbhost Posts: 470
    LoL. About 3 years of steady savings.. Gonna try got a bit higher if I can but dont wanna go too stupid. Just want a nice bike lol.

    And back to square 1 once the moneys gone lol. Might save up for a C*R after that.. ( i know.. the dark side!)
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