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Campag. Xenon CT->Triple Question

JWSurreyJWSurrey Posts: 1,173
edited December 2007 in Workshop
I am considering upgrading the wife's Xenon CT chainset (b/b) to a 2006 Record triple or 2008 Comp Triple.

Does anyone know:
a) If the 2006 record triple has different ring spacing to the Comp. Triple/2007 triples?
i.e. Is it compatible with her current 2007 Xenon/Mirage config.

b) If I require a new brake lever (I can't recall but I think the current one works)

c) If I require a different b.b to the one currently installed for the double/CT
If I do need a new b.b, will the existing shells also need changing or just the spindle?

d) If the existing front cable will in most cases be long enough.

I'm planning on replacing the dereilleur and front mech.
e) Is there a cheaper way of buying this kit - for instance, as some sort of triple gruppo package

f) Are there any better triple chainsets out there?
I looked at the FSA SL-K, but we've decided the price outweighs the benefit.

Oddly, the '06 record triple is cheaper and lighter than the 08 comp. triple - both being lighter than the '07 Xenon CT!


  • Rob SallnowRob Sallnow Posts: 6,279
    a) the spacing between rings is not different (unless you're asking about the BCD) will need a new triple front mech though.

    b) No you don't.

    c) The Record triple needs a discontinued asymetrical 111mm bottom bracket rather than the symetrical version that you probably have already and is still in production ...though I think the difference is only slight so you may get away with it.

    d) I expect so unless you only have about 1mm of excess!!

    e) Not fact you are probably doing the cheapest thing by wanting discontinued stock...unless that suddenly makes it more which case you should've bought one when I did...about this time last year from Butlers.

    I'd rather walk than use Shimano
  • JWSurreyJWSurrey Posts: 1,173
    Cheers Rob - That's great news - You've managed to singlehandedly answer all my dodgy questions!
    I did notice during some judicious web surfing just now, that there was some sort of issue with the b/b..... Puts the price up by about 50 quid if I factor in the b/b.
    Damn - will have to whip off the old one to find out what thread it's got, before diving in with the credit card.

    I might try the wife with my 13-29 cassette first, although I'll have to hope she doesn't cross-over the big rings and mash the short cage dereilleur.
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