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New bike which one help please new to this

carkiller456carkiller456 Posts: 6
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Hi you all .
Looking for a new bike . Got it down to

Mongoose Tyex Elite 07' £240 sale price rrp price £299


Mongoose Tyex Super 07' £295 sale price rrp £370

But which one both bike shops in my area have this too for sale. The elite has Shimano EF-50 triggers and the super has SRAM SX-5 trigger shifters . What the diff and what is the best one to get.


  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    The Super is the better buy, but both are good bikes.

    It's personal preference with Sram Vs Shimano. I used to use Shimano (for 20 years) now I use Sram, I feel that the shifting is faster (and a little noisier) and I haven't had to tweak the cable due to cable stretch, unlike Shimano which seems to need constant fettling to keep shifting well.

    Sram uses a 1:1 cable pull ratio, whereas Shimano use a 2:1 ratio, meaning that Shimano pulls twice as much cable to make the mech move the same distance as a Sram set up.

    Shimano shifters only work with Shimano gears, but some Sram (the named ones.. Attack, Rocket) shifters will work with Shimano rear mechs.
  • The guy in the bike shop was going on about the rock shock fock with lock out on the Mongoose Tyax Super 07' the other does not seem to do this . Is this better.

    I am new to all this and i thank you for all your help.

    Does any one know if you can put bigger brake disc on this bikes as i have read that the 160mm disc are quite small . People in the shops say that bigger is better.

    Thank you again
  • The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 8,651 Forum Tart 2010
    The Super is a better buy - but they are both great bikes.

    Lockout is very handywhen you are riding flat terrain as it stops you bobbing all over the place - defo an advantage.

    Bigger doesn't mean better with disc rotors. Type of riding, weight of rider and setup all factor into this.

    For general trail riding 160mm is more than adequate - no need to change.

    Hope this helps! :wink:
  • Chaka PingChaka Ping Posts: 1,451
    160mm disc brake rotors will be quite good enough for the sort of riding you're likely to be doing, if you're new to mountain biking.

    Dunno about the relative merits of the bikes' forks, but a little extra money often goes a long way at budget bike level.
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