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Giant reign x

mik...1mik...1 Posts: 39
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Just been browsing around my local bike shops cheshire and did,nt really see anything i wanted but came across a Giant Reign x and have never rode 1 before and havent any knowledge of giant bikes.
Well the chap in the shop said its the last one and i could have it for £1,350 it was retailing at £1,850 in the shop but i,ll be honest i,m stumped i,ve got about a £1,000 to spend and i want a full suss but which one i know dont know any help appreciated thanx in advance mik.


  • The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 8,651 Forum Tart 2010
    The Reign X is a smashing bike - a big hitting all mountain trail rig.

    Smashing frames - and a good spec (if its the standard UK spec)

    It really is a steal at that price as the frames alone go for £1095.

    If you can get the extra money I would go for it or come up with a solution with the LBS to see if hw would let you pay £1000 and work the rest out over a few months?

    If you compare it with a full susser for a grand you will notice huge differences in performance and kit quality.

    Giant are one of the top players and make great bikes!

    And the Riegn family are awesome! :wink:
  • zero303zero303 Posts: 1,162
    The Giant will feel worlds apart from anything you'd get for a £1000, as Cheesy says, try and bag a payment plan for the extra £350

    Just make sure it fits, it's all good and well it being a great bike but if it's too small or too big you won't get on very well...
  • Cheers lads just spoke to the guy at the shop and tried knocking him down abit more and he lose another 50 quid taking of the pedals ha,ha .
    So i could get it for 1300 quid its medium frame as well my last bike was 17.5 so it should be fine he said come down and have a test ride major tempted now .
    CAn make some money back when i sell my bike that i own know ?.
  • The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 8,651 Forum Tart 2010
    Depends what bike you have....... :wink:
  • The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 8,651 Forum Tart 2010
    and a medium generally is around the 17" - 18" size (generally)

    Sit on it, get a feel for the bike - reach etc and see how you like it!

    Cant stress how important it is to get the bike right for you. You could have a £2k bike that will ride like shite becuase of bad fit!
  • Cheers for reply,s and now on my way for a shot on it heart rate has gone up lol.
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