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Easton EC90 fork finish

SkoobySkooby Posts: 3
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I have just bought an Easton EC90 fork via mail order. The finish is irregular to say the least, iIt looks like the forks have been heavily sanded down in places before the varnish has been applied, especially near the hole where the brake caliper attaches. Is this normal? Does anyone else have a pair like this




  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    Structural carbon fibre doesn't look great, and it's not fancy like the weaved fibres that are normally seen outside the structural fibre.

    Any chance of a pic?
    I like bikes...

  • Hi mate,

    I recently checked out 3-4 different Easton carbon road forks in a shop. All had a rough, almost unvarnished finish, not dissimilar to the latest campag carbon chainsets. Easton seem to be going for this type of look, rather that that which has a surface carbon weave visible. This may not be as impressive or "pretty" to look at, but has the benefit that because the forks don't have this asthetic weaved carbon layer like most forks do, they will be lighter, and accordingly, 100% of the carbon used had been employed to create the lightest, stiffest fork for that design. Easton make pretty good forks, and are used on several different pro team bikes.

    Hope that helps.
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