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best chain for winter bike?

oldwelshmanoldwelshman Posts: 4,733
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I need to buy new chain for new shimano ultegra drive chain on winter bike.
I was chatting to guys on clubrun this morning and some said shimano chains stretch quick.
Personally I have not really noticed that so any suggestions on decent workhorse chain £20 or less?


  • Smokin JoeSmokin Joe Posts: 5,669
    I find KMC to be good, I'm using both 9 and 10 speed. The big advantage over both Shimano and Campag chains is the quick-link, no buggering about with chain tools or special pins.
  • CajunCajun Posts: 1,048
    I use the Sram Quick-link on both Campy & Shimano problems. Since I broke a chain a couple of years ago (12 miles from the start) I have added a Quick-link to my seat-bag....
    IMHO....if your Shimano chain is stretching quickly; I'd guess that you're riding at too low of a cadence....try to keep the cadence at a minimum of 80rpm...
  • dave5ndave5n Posts: 3,307

    Chains don't stretch. The pins/links wear.
  • Steve928Steve928 Posts: 314
    Yes, but stretch is the accepted term for that pin/link wear in the cycling world, so hardly nonsense.

    FWIW I use both 10s Shimano 105 and Campag chains. I get about 1000 miles ou of the Shimano chains and 3000 miles from the Campag ones before my Cyclus tool says they need replacing.

    But then the Shimano ones are well under half the price..
  • DoomDoom Posts: 133
    Smokin Joe wrote:
    I find KMC to be good

    I run a KMC 10SL which to my annoyance the mechanic at the shop who serviced my bike recently had a go at me saying that they never run as smoothly as the Shimano chains.

    Is he talking rubbish or should I be thinking about fitting a Shimano chain next time around?
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  • robbarkerrobbarker Posts: 1,367
    I have a Wipperman Connex chain on my audax bike and it's worn very well over about 3000Kms, winter and summer.

    I recently checked it with the Park checker that indicates the degree of wear and it seems it's about half gone. I do keep it very clean and well-lubed, but it's the best I've ever had nonetheless.

    It looks as cool as cucumber too in a blingy champagne gold colour,and comes with a master link.

    They even make a titanium version for wealthy weight-weenies too!
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