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Caldera/Avalanche 1.0/Rockhopper

custardshopcustardshop Posts: 12
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I'm getting a new bike and have looked at lots i have to buy it from halfords which is a big pain in the censored but thats that. I want advice on which is the best value for money out of the kona caldera, gt avalanche 1.0 and the specialized rockhopper. my budget is a max of £700



  • The Kona has a great frame,but the spec is a bit por at this price.
    Rockhopper and Avalanche are both great bikes,but you really need to test tride both to see which suits best.

    My experience of both bikes,is very positive.The Avalanche tends to be shorter and has a more upright riding position than the Rockhopper.

    This is one occasion where you need to find a good lcal shop that stocks them,and try one for size,to see which feels best for you.

    These are probably 2 of the most popular beginners rides,and woith good reason.
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  • gosh thats a big budget and only from halfords i didnt know they sold the GT avalanche1.0 £700 can get a lot of bike id rather go somewhere else to spend that money and the spesh /gt / kona are all good but not at halfords if you got vouchers for halfords sell them and go to a proper bike shop you might lose a bit of cash but you get a beter bike
  • Chaka PingChaka Ping Posts: 1,451
    Do you have to buy from Halfords because your employer has a deal with them on the cycle to work scheme?

    If not, ignore me.

    If so, Halfords have a team who can source you any bike from pretty much any UK-imported/manufactured brand.

    I got them to buy me a Rock Lobster 853 through the scheme this year, and I'm now mulling over what to buy next year.

    Hope that helps.
  • i agree with spiderman the gt avalanche 1.0 is a more upright riding position and a great bike for short bodies ive got a meduim GT and only 5,7 the reach is great for a shorty like me but all personal pref the over stance is only about 1 cm for me but ok
    you can spend £700 a lot better than halfords believe me
  • by the way i hope you got your helmet and other goodies like tools repair kts pumps ect
  • Yeah i've got all the gear. the reason i've got to buy from halfords is that i had my bike stolen and the insurance company went through halfords ant they issued a credit note - which obviously has to be spent there. I've got all the gear helmet, pump, computer, lock, camel bag etc all i need is a bike. i had a cinder cone, and was just going to get another cause i liked it but am wondering now i've got the chance should i upgrade to something better such as the bikes i mentioned earlier?
  • well if you had a cinder cone then you know what your talking about
  • why did halfords send you to the bike shop when you could.nt get the bike repair you wanted
  • i don't really know what i'm talking about and what bikes have the best spec - i've only been biking for the best part of the year and bought the cindercone cause it was recommended - i got on great with it and it did what i wanted all i want to know now is is it worth going for one of the bikes i mentioned earlier and if so which is the best for the money?
  • SplasherSplasher Posts: 1,528
    The Kona has a great frame,but the spec is a bit por at this price.

    These are probably 2 of the most popular beginners rides,and woith good reason.

    I think there is a myth that Kona specs are poor based on bikes of a few years ago. The Caldera has a Tora 302 fork, Deore shifters and front mech, XT shadow rear mech and Stroker brakes. It is a spec match for the others in my eyes and potentially better. It also has a frame that is 1lb lighter than the 2007 bike. Personally, it would be my choice of the 3.
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  • thank you splasher that does help with my choice - cheers very much!!!!
  • zero303zero303 Posts: 1,162
    My friend is learning on a 2007 Caldera and a few people have knocked my recommendation of this bike.

    The thing is, this isn't the lightest of bikes granted, but it's very burly and has a real bomb proof and confidence inspiring feel to it. It's reassuringly chunky!

    The 08 model looks a hell of a lot lighter and probably retains the same feel.
  • I have an '06 Caldera. zero 303 is right it is heavy (29 lbs), the fork is the crappest thing ever (Marzocchi MZ2) and is being upgraded to a Reba BUT it is a sweet riding bike and I have never regretted buying it. Have done a lot of 4/5 hour rides on it in the last year and only had to change manky cables and bent seat post.

    If '08 model is significantly lighter then you won't go far wrong IMHO. Hope that helps.
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