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My rims been battered!

chilledsandwichchilledsandwich Posts: 128
edited December 2007 in MTB buying advice
Hi all, need a little bit of help, just tried truing my wheel and I think the rim has had it, too many bends in too many directions.

I want to get a new lightweight rim, preferably UST again, but a 24 hole one. Currently have Mavic X3.1 rims on Shimano XT hubs. The hubs are fine and would rather not replace them yet, budget still a bit tight after Christmas.

I have had a search on the web, but cannot find any suitable other than in America (which are then 32h for some reason over here) or some £200 (each) carbon rims!!

Is anyone out there able to help?!


  • Sir HCSir HC Posts: 20,148
    Is the rim dented, badly buckled or egg shaped ?
    Intense Socom
  • It's been buckled in about 3 places and is slightly egg shaped. I realise that I could probably get the worst of it out and as I'm using discs the rim isn't that much of an issue but seeing as it is nearly a new year, I would rather get it sorted so that it won't be a recurring problem in '08.

    They do seem to be very rare though!!
  • I think you will find that 24 hole Mavic rims are only available from them as part of their complete wheelsets, not individually. if you are just planning on getting rims on your old hubs I think you will be in trouble with 24h.
  • I have nothing useful or helpful to say but wanted you to know that every time I look on the forum and see your post it makes me snigger :)

    ps: I hope other people may have something more pertinent to add,,,
    Wow great ship man. Looks like a fish, flies like a fish, steers like a cow.

  • Thanks for that info artillerydave, looking on Mavics website, most of their wheels do seem to be 24 spoke, but what if someone was to break a rim, would they have to buy a complete new wheel or would they be available straight from Mavic?? Might have to pop into the LBS and get them to do some research for me, otherwise looks like I'm going to have to make do and start saving!!

    PS, stayhigh, glad I made you smile :P
  • Sir HCSir HC Posts: 20,148
    Contact RJ Chicken (, As they imprt Mavic into the UK.
    Intense Socom
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