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I presently have Shimano MTB shoes in a 46.
For xmas the wife got me some Shimano R151 from CRC in a 46 but they are too narrow so have had to go back and they appear out of stock in the wider fitting ones.
I therefore have been looking around for alternatives and like the look of some of the Specialized shoes and NW Aereators. My LBS does not have these.
How do these compare for size and width to Shimano? Length of a Shimano 46 was fine but slightly wider fitting is needed.
Still thinking!


  • LeighBLeighB Posts: 326
    If its any help I have size 8 (42) feet and my cycling shoes (Lois Garneau & Lake) are size 9 (43). When buying my shoes in the LBS I tried on some Shimano shoes in both sizes and neither were wide enough for my feet.
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  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    I've got Shimano and Spesh shoes and they feel very similar in terms of width. Maybe the Spesh are a tad wider but not by much.
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  • fizzfizz Posts: 483
    I had a pair of Shimano road shoes now I have a pair of Northwave's they Northwaves for me are a better fit, as they are wider than the shimanos so I have more room to wiggle my toes. I'm a 45 in both pairs of shoes.

  • munstermunster Posts: 737
    I use 46 in Carnac and Specialized but use 47 in Shimano and Sidi due to the width issues with them.
    The Carnac and Specialized seem to have a much roomier toe box too.
  • Cajun wrote:

    I should probably point out that the linked page has US sizes, rather than UK ones. The US sizes tend to be a half size to a size smaller than the UK ones.
  • Munster,

    What size do you take for normal shoes? I have pretty wide feet and take size 10 for standard leather shoes and size 11 for trainers etc

    I'm getting my first road bike next month and after an expensive Christmas :shock: need to buy shoes as cheap as possible i.e. off wiggle


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    if you are looking for a wide fitting cycling shoe northwaves are the ones, you will not get a wider fitting cycling shoe that NW.
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  • Well, if it helps, i'm 45 in Sidi, 44 in Shimano and 43 in NW (the best by far)

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