Honeymooning on Ventoux

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Anyone see the letter in Pro-cycling, bout riding up Ventoux on first day of couples honeymoon?

Wonder if the marriage lasted the week! - he said she (a new cyclist) did it in around 2.5 hours and he nearly an hour less. So on their honeymoon they cycled up seperately and she had to wait for nearly an hour at the top!!!!

Some people and their times??


  • nick hanson
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    Surely it was the guy who had to wait an hour at the top?
    In fairness,if you can do the Ventoux in one and a half hours,as he did,then he probably didn't have a low enough gear on his bike to be able to keep his beloved company,without stalling.A climb as tough as that needs to be ridden at your own pace.
    Don't see the problem riding the Ventoux on honeymoon if both parties are into cycling,sure beats sitting 'round on a beach.
    so many cols,so little time!
  • why didn't they use a tandem?

    Afraid of a quick divorce?
  • Richrd2205
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    My partner & I are honeymooning in Carpentras in September. After discussion of what we're going to do, my partner is happy for me to cycle up Ventoux whilst she sits in the sun reading. No bother, no divorce, no acrimony. Successful relationships can involve accepting differences...