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Xmas day rides

Richrd2205Richrd2205 Posts: 1,267
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OK, so who went out & what did you do?
Did anyone else go out?
How hard did you go?
How were family & friends about your riding?

I did 70km, including 2 big climbs (Tak Ma Doon & Crow Road), I got permission from my SO, but not sure anyone really understood why....

(Oh, & please feel free to include ride reports)


  • I saw a lonesome guy, fully logoed up near Tamworth giving it "big licks" close to The Belfry on Christmas Day morning.

    Lucky censored to get out.
    Just a fat bloke on a bike
  • webbhostwebbhost Posts: 470
    The thought was there but the weather said "I dont think so".

    Even if I did go it would have been no more than 10 mile
  • Yep - but only managed an hour. Wasn't allowed any longer!!
    Rob Spedding, Editor, Cycling Plus
  • wasn't allowed to go out and rather than anger the family I decided to stay in.

    more fool me.

  • ash68ash68 Posts: 320
    yep, just did a 23 mile loop. Just to stretch my legs and get an appetite up for dinner time. Nothing strenuous, just kept things ticking over really.
  • out for an hour on ebay carrera with me kitted out with santa procured dhb stuff from head to toe!! Played with the delphi 4 computer and then did my normal 12.5 miler. Was nice and crisp and the dhb merston tights were great. Better half was out visiting a friends mum and I was looking after the dinner preparation, which I had done a lot of on xmas eve night just in case the opportunity arose to get out on the bike.

  • fossyantfossyant Posts: 2,549
    Boxing Day for me - saw 14 others out as well - bit of a record !
  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    Alas I've been ill all week and decided to give it a rest, I was planning on a good ride on Xmas day as well.
    I like bikes...

  • fossyantfossyant Posts: 2,549
    Only 3 other roadies in today's 30 mile spin - blooming windy - now chucking it down...just missed that ! :D
  • bigmugbigmug Posts: 58
    Turkey an pork in for 3.5 hours, left 'outlaws' to prep spuds and root veg. Then out for 2 hours and back to finish off with stuffing, sauce and an trimmings - sorted.
  • MettanMettan Posts: 2,103
    Had an excellent ride on Christmas early morning - left house at 4.58 am - No wind (or virtually no wind) - pitch black although quite "warm" - roads were very greasy though - only saw 5 or 6 cars on a 10.2 mile loop, 1 jogger and a revler coming home - nice Avg at 15.4 mph - got off to a good start at 18.2 mph Avg for the first 4 or 5 miles - that got pegged back to the 15.4 by the end though - all in all, a very enjoyable ride, on deserted streets, with virtually no wind
  • I managed 25 miles on Christmas Day in fog, rain and then sunshine. Saw about 10 other riders out on the road. It was nice and quiet mostly, with the weather improving about midway as I went through Horwich and Rivington. Felt great and really hammered it up a couple of hills. :D
  • on the roadon the road Posts: 5,631
    Out for an hour and a half, managed 26 miles at an average speed of 16.8 mph. Even though it was afternoon there were still very few cars on the road, only seen one other rodie.
  • Richrd2205Richrd2205 Posts: 1,267
    I was hoping that I'd be able to show this thread to my partner & be able to show her that I'm not so odd for wanting to do a decent distance on Xmas day, damn!
    Glad that a few of you got out though. Credit to you, Mettan, for getting out so early, I didn't know that there was such a time on a bank holiday morning though.
    To join in with the details, I managed a fairly slow 20kph average, which was due to a variety of factors: increasing wind, so I had little tailwind on the outrun & quite a headwind coming back; 1055m of climbing including 2*4km+ climbs that averaged over 6% & the fact that either I bonked with 10km to go and tried to ride through it or someone had covered the roads with treacle (looking back the former seems likely, but at the time, the latter seemed the only possibility).
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