2008 Specialized Allez Elite

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I'm just about to buy a 2008 Specialized Allez Elite as a late Christmas present.

Has anyone got any opinions on this bike, good or bad?

Would it be £800 well spent, I'm new to the sport so still only going on what others are telling me and what I can read up on.

Thanks in advance.


  • gkerr4
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    it's a nice bike! - very smart looking and a good light alloy frame with carbon stays and forks to take some of the buzz out of the road. 105 spec is decent but the bike might benefit from an upgraded set of wheels (as would every bike at the £800 mark!)

    also - the allez has a good geometry (IMO) with a slighty higher head tube than some to add a bit of comfort on long rides.

    at that price, I can't think of anything else i'd rather have, but thats a personal opinion.
  • Lagavulin
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    I've got an Allez Sport from 2006 and while I didn't try the Giant SCR I think the Allez makes an excellent first road bike.

    Specialized do seem to be lowering the groupsets. This years Elite is 9 speed Tiagra with a 105 rear mech (the same as my '06 Sport) where as the 2007 was 10 speed Shimano 105.

    Mind you, the 2008 Elite does come with a compact chainset which will help you on the hills - something I wish I had on ocassions. :roll:

    My only other gripe with the Allez is that it wont take full mud guards. I'm looking at a new bike and so would have relegated the Allez to winter and crappy weather rides but Raceblades aren't ideal (mine just chuck crap at the rear brake/brake caliper).
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    I bought an 2007 Allez Sport. Now wish I'd gone for something in Carbon such as a Focus Cayo (£999). Oh well.
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    hmm - yes - as above, you can actually still get a 2007 model cayo carbon with Ultegra for £799 from wiggle...

    It's a bit more racy geometry, but a nice bike...
  • A mate of mine has recently bought the 08 Allez elite and he loves it.
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    Beware, looking at the Spesh website for the 2008 Allez Elite Compact (which I assume yours is)...only the rear derailleur is 105 - the front/rear brakes are unspecified and the remainder of the groupset are Tiagra. The 2007 Allez Elite Double/Triple has a higher degree of 105 groupset components fitted. Only the brakes are unspecified. Looks as though the Allez range is being downgraded yet again. The 2008 Allez Elite (top range), whilst similar to the 2007 Allez Sport (mid range), could even be described as less well specced as the 2007 Allez Sport has Tiagra branded brakes.

    While the bike your looking at will do what you want it to do and won't let you down, at 800 quid, I'd look around a bit more to see what else is available. You may find you can pick up a discounted 2007 specced bike with full 105 (or better) for the same money or less.

    You also need to consider sizing, a good LBS will help you with this and this will be worth a premium, especially if its your first. Before parting with your money at the LBS, ask them how they will determine what frame will suit you and what they do to have the bike fit you better. From experience many years ago, the LBS sat an unsuspecting me on the bike and said 'that fits' and away I went. For a few years afterwards, the bike never felt right and I couldn't afford a replacement so got stuck with it rather than fully enjoying it. I learned the hard way :cry:

    Happy hunting!!

    Have a look here only as an indication of current market prices.

    and for specilaized specs start to look at lnks from here:
    http://www.specialized.com/bc/SBCBkMode ... id=08Allez
  • I was recently in the same position as you and had about the same cash. Was looking at the specialized allez as I have always raced on spesh's and currently have a tarmac. However after looking about and ridig some at the same pice point I finally opted for a Pinarello Angliru. At the bottom/entry level range of Pinarello you get an alluminoum frame with carbon forks and stays. Shimano tiagra throughout- except chainset which is Pinarellos own 'most' brand - and entry level shimano wheels.

    SO far so good. The ride is stiff and solid but the carbon goes some way to sapping some of the bumps in the road. Its pretty much a workhorse for the winter but I even use it on the wekends for 80-100mile rides and have found it comfortable and easy to ride.

    Worth a look for Italian performance at a reasonable price!

  • I am riding an Allez this winter for a training bike, all I can say it is very comfortable. My equipment is different to yours so I cant offer any advice there. The sloping geometry I find a godsend and for the price it aint a bad bike. I would get out there and ride a few.