Thames Valley Climbs

Russell Smith
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The Thames Valley seems as flat as The fens and as flat as a Pancake, anybody know of any decent climbs .... East Berks/North Surrey/Reading


  • Monty Dog
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    Probably the closest are the Chilterns - heading from Henley up towards Stokenchurch - plenty of longish climbs in that part. Alternatively, head towards Pangbourne, Upper Basildon and Streatley. From Pangbourne cross the bridge north to Whitchurch, then descend to Goring, cross the river to Streatley and continue west up Streatley Hill to Aldworth and then drop back down to Ashampstead before climbing back over the Pangbourne via Upper Basildon. You'll realise the Thames Valley isn't flat - there's a decent teamrooms in both Pangbourne and Goring too.
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  • Monty Cheers for that, and I know one of the climbs just North of Pangbourne, which I shall endeavour to get to early in the New Year.

    Many Thanks

  • yoyo
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    Try the Kennet valley also. Plenty of steep hills out of Thatcham/ Upper Bucklebury / Midgham/ Woolhampton etc. Perhaps I am a wimp but my commute to work involves a climb out of the Kennet Valley and a climb out of the Pang Valley. There are plenty of lumps in between. IT is by no means flat.

  • Dell Road in Finchampstead is short but mighty steep
  • EP, Cheers , I have passed this quite a few times on a regular route down Wellingtonia and The Ridges.

    Off to find it..

    Many Thanks

  • C1234
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    and there's a fantastic downhill from Nettlebed into Henley. Catch it with a good breeze and its 40mph+ all the way in...
  • jedster
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    a part from the Chilterns...

    I must be imagining the 1 in 10 that I road up on my work this morning (Winter Hill between Marlow and Maidenhead)
  • Also check out the Chiltern Challenge: a 100 mile sponsored ride starting and finishing in Marlow.
  • Gussio
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    Plenty of undulations around Windsor, Henley, Wallingford, etc. Hilly enough that you will be looking forward to the flat bits :D
  • Well, out on Sunday and came across Winter Hill between Cookham Dean and Marlow, got lost and ended climbing up to Winter Hill, then once at the top , it seemed like a sheer drop down with a Hairpin bend thrown in for good measure.

    Once safely at the bottom, I looked back up the hill, has anyone tried to ride up Winter Hill in reverse ???
  • orienteer
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    Yes, not too bad as it's well graded, except for the actual hairpin bend, which is well steep!
    Anyone seen my bearings?
  • mba007
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    Winter Hill is hard for me, especially given that I'm unfit. I'm normally happy with getting half-way up on a mountain bike!
  • jedster
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    Re Winter Hill

    did you not see my earlier post? I ride up it from the Marlow side (up the hairpins) most days. It's not that bad - simple enough on a triple although I'm grinding a bit if I'm in the middle ring. The worst part for me is that it comes five minutes into my commute - it can be a bit of a rude start to the day when you're not warmed up.

  • simonali
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    There's a place called Wooburn Green on the way to High Wycombe that i seem to recall being in a bit of a crater. Most of the roads out of there were a bit of a grind, but I haven't been down that way for some time and my memory may be playing tricks.

    Windsor Hill and Hedsor Hill ring bells. As above they are short but tough.

    Crimp Hill in Old Windsor was another fave. A gentle climb with a sting in the tail!

    Some of the locals will have newer memories of these places I expect?
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