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I made a school boy error today and went out without a spare innertube, pump or phone and got stranded with a flatty. I had to sit in a coffee shop watching cyclist's zoom by while waiting for my wife to come get me.

Never again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have we 'all' done it?
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    Nope. (Where's the smug smiley when you need it) :wink:

    But earlier this year I did get flagged down by a bloke who had and I was happy to give him a spare tube ( I always have 2) and get him going again.

    I'd always be confident that I'd get help if I need it - you should have flagged down some of these passing cyclists.
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    while out training last summer i came across another biker with an obvious flatty, so out of kindness i stopped and asked if he was ok, he said ye,h no problem mate i always carry two spare tubes, i said good on yer mate so do i. It was only after getting a very odd look from this guy that i realised i had forgotten to put my saddle bag with tubes tyre levers and mobile on the bike, i rode very carefully after that.
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