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Goa Way

sean65sean65 Posts: 104
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Hi All,

Now I know we all love planning trips and buying cycle specific goodies but after last weeks cycling around Goa on an old Hercules classic I've come to rethink my strategy.

I was sent to Goa on business but was unable to work due to unforeseen circumstances.

This was excellent news as it left me with five free days to buzz around and soak up the Goan atmosphere which I hadn't seen for 15 years since my last trip.

I decided to rent a bicycle instead of a scooter and was amazed when this old style Hercules steel classic was wheeled out in front of me.

I arranged for the hotel to keep my bags and with a carrier bag strapped to the rear rack I set off with a map and a plan that had been devised 15 minutes before departing.

What a buzz. The shady back roads of Goa are well protected from the sun by the never ending cover of palm tree's. The roads are laid back but you'll be kept on full alert by the constant stream of cow's, dogs, pigs and rickshaws jumping in your path.

But it got me thinking about how materialistic we've become with all our 'special' gear that we like to buy. Victims of our own marketing.

IF you wanted to travel around Goa or even India by bike there's no better way than to just get yourself a plane ticket and buy a brand new Hercules for £35. Bring a modest sized bag and some bungy's and off you go.

Budget for about £10/day to live well.

To quote a famed cycle racer..."It's not about the bike."




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